ORACAL® 951 Premium Cast Vinyl

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Area of Use: Developed for applications with the highest durability and conformability requirements. Ideal for long-term lettering and high quality vehicle and fleet graphics.


Minimum Life Expectancy (based on accepted application procedures on vertical surfaces) :

10 years – black and white / 8 years – colors & transparent 6 years – metallic / 3 years – brilliant blue L, bronze, copper, foliage green, gold metallic, pale gold, pyrite, red gold L, metallic, steppe green metallic

Applications Long-term lettering and high quality vehicle and fleet graphics
Thickness 2 mil
Durability Up to 10 years
Release Liner 84# custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values. Customized blue silicone paper liner for matte and gloss white provides superior contrast for weeding.
Adhesive Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive


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