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HTV (Iron On) 15 Sheets Bundle

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  • Easyweed : $60.00
  • Glitter: $73.50

For Customization: Send us an email with 15 preferred colours

Available Siser EasyWeed colours:

White, Black , Black Matte, Grey, Silver, Charcoal, Brown, Dark Maroon, Burgundy, Red, Red Matte, Bright Red, Hibiscus, Texas Orange, Orange, Orange soda, Sun, Yellow, Lemon, Gold, Vegas Gold, Cream, Tan, Chocolate, Lime, Green Apple, Green, Green Matte, Cadette Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Wicked Purple, Lilac, Passion Pink, Pink, Bubblegum, Melon, Light Pink, 



Available Siser Glitter Colours

White, Silver, Confetti, Black Silver, Black, Black gold, Gold, Red, Ember (Orange), Gold Confetti, Cherry, Lavender, Rose Gold, Grass, Light Green, Emerald, Mermaid Blue, Neon Pink, Aqua, Old Blue, Hot Pink,